Injuries, falls, illnesses & medical emergencies occur while children are at school. Are schools equipped to deal with the medical needs of children. MedSense School Health Stations is the answer to the long-felt need of quality medical care & first aid to children at schools.

Until now, a child who fell down & got hurt at school was taken care of by a teacher who left her classroom in the middle of her lessons and came running with a first aid box that had some band-aid & cotton.  As we leap in to the new millennium, our children deserve better and parents are asking for more. MedSense School Health Stations is the answer !

In reality, a child spends more waking hours at school than at home. Statistically, this means that the complaints for childhood illnesses are more likely to begin at school than at home. If there is no first response system, facility or personnel that can identify & triage these complaints at school, the child is likely to be a silent sufferer or report his / her symptoms late.  Neglect or late reporting / identification of symptoms can lead to delayed diagnosis and considerable morbidity or even mortality. A school health nurse that can attend to a child’s complaint in a timely fashion and triage the child to an appropriate level of medical care can make a critical difference to that child’s health & safety.

MedSense School Health Stations  are staffed by nurses trained in clinical protocols for the management of medical emergencies in schools. These Health Stations are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment & technology ensuring that your children receive the best medical care when they are at school. And every school health station is connected by hotline to a pediatrician for emergency medical advice. All these with a singular goal – to ensure that your child is healthy & safe at school  !