Research shows that health education early in life has a strong positive impact on health behaviors & outcomes in later life.

Health education builds students’ knowledge , skills, and positive attitudes about health.

In fact, Health education promotes learning in other subjects ! One study showed that reading and math scores of third and fourth grade students who received comprehensive health education were significantly higher than those that did not.

Imparting health information to students will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and avoid risky behaviors. Also, through health education, students learn about their body systems and this equips them to deal with health issues with greater confidence and comply with treatments with better understanding. A child exposed to a formal health education curriculum will not only promote his or her own health & well-being, but also that of other family members.

The MedSense Health Education curriculum for school students dwells on a number of important health education topics in an absorbing & engaging format. Also, First-Aid training for school students arms them adequate skills to deal with medical emergencies that they may come across. These interactive sessions for the students are conducted by a team of doctors who are adept at conveying complex concepts in age-appropriate and easy-to-understand language.