A healthy mind resides in a healthy body ! Many of the factors that affect health outcomes also affect academic performance.

Research has shown that children with poor general health are 2.3 times more likely to perform below potential at school.

There are several medical causes of school-failure & underperformance. Iron-Deficiency Anemia & Visual Refractive Errors are examples of the many medical causes of school failure, which can be averted through timely detection & prompt intervention.
Periodic health screening & check-ups will ensure optimal functioning of a child at school. Also, timely immunization through a vaccine-surveillance system prevents disease & promotes well-being.

MedSense School Health Stations offers a comprehensive, structured, evidence-based school health program that aims at improving the child’s scholastic achievement through improved health ! MedSense brings the best of medical expertise & technology to the door-step of your child’s school – keeping your child healthy, safe and productive. So that your child attains his/her true potential !