In developed countries like the United States, every school-going child is required to undergo a comprehensive health exam before the start of the school year. A health-check / physical exam form duly signed by a doctor is a requirement for the child’s admission into class.

In India, the concept is catching up! The Central Board of Secondary Education mandates that every child must undergo an annual health check-up at school and the student health records be maintained by the school.

MedSense School Health Stations brings Medical Exam, Physical Exam, Vision Exam, Nutritional Advice and a host of other health services to the doorstep of the school. A specially designed software keeps the medical records of all students in a digital format and health communications are sent to parents in a timely fashion. MedSense utilizes modern technology & tools to take School Health to the next higher level. So that every child receives the best of evidence-based health care and no child is left behind !